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VIASAT buys INMARSAT for 7.3 billion USD

Publié le par JS Seytre

The acquisition of INMARSAT by VIASAT is acted and might be effective in 2022 after all shareholders and sovereign authorities approval have been granted. This merger seems particularly wise from a transversal business perspective: VIASAT core development having so far focused on high-power satellites with a broad HTS coverage, will now grow with the largest existing MSS capacity, representing a total of 14 satellites in orbit. With Viasat 2 (which suffered an antenna malfunction from 2018) and now the 3 Viasat 3 satellites (being currently manufactured in coordination with Boeing , on 702HP platforms), the Californian company  wants to achieve a global broadband service. On the other hand, INMARSAT has 7 satellites in command for its Global Xpress service: 5 on a traditional geostationary orbit and 2 on an highly elliptical orbit to cover the polar regions. In addition, the British operator has also announced the Orchestra constellation, a plan for more than 150 Low Earth Orbit satellites on multiple orbits. The combined fleet will form a coherent terrestrial / in-flight / maritime and fixed / mobile services network over a very large spectrum band, challenging the space telecom and data industry.



Viasat Downplays Antenna Issue Impacting ViaSat-2’s Data Performance | Multichannel News (nexttv.com)

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